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User Experience 2015 Resolutions – Volume 1, Issue 1: Nomenclature

Jan 28

With each New Year comes resolutions, and with each passing month those resolutions tend to fall by the wayside to make way for our daily routines. So instead of making promises to eat better or exercise more, I have resolved to start the year off by making resolutions periodically...

My Top 10 Experiences From My Advertising Career

Dec 17

Work in advertising long enough, and you’ll have a few stories to share.  Here are a handful of non-chronological highlights from my past seven years at Nomadic.   Take two of the happiest things in the world: a launch event in Disneyland and Grumpy Cat. Add cuddles.   I...
4 Books All Creatives Should Read

Four Books About Writing You Should Be Reading

Nov 26

Whether you’re a professional writer, a dabbler with the pen, or you look at Word docs with a side-eye usually reserved for your creepy uncle, here are four books about writing and being creative that you should be reading. And whether you better your vocab, start a daily ritual that...
Nomadic Agency Career Advice

Follow Your Passion: Good Career Advice

Nov 19

For eight years, I worked as a graphic designer. And for eight years, I had a pretty fun job. I love art and enjoy design, but I never quite felt fulfilled in my position. The passion other designers have wasn’t there. I didn’t have fonts memorized and can’t name too...

Confessions of a Nomadic Intern

Oct 29

Recently I was given the amazing opportunity to join Nomadic Agency as their Creative Intern, so I stuffed everything I owned inside of my Toyota Camry and moved across the country from Iowa (not Idaho or Ohio) to Arizona. This adventure was exciting and overwhelming, and after spending...

Generation Who?

Oct 22

I get the pleasure to work with many Fortune 500 companies representing some of the top consumer brands in the marketplace. Though each brand varies greatly, I have noticed that most all are vying to grab the attention of the ‘hip and trendy’ Millennials. As a marketer, and more...
Six TED Talks Everyone in Advertising Should Watc

Six TED Talks Everyone in Advertising Should Watch

Oct 15

It’s a scientifically proven fact that TED Talks are awesome.* These live presentations from thought leaders around the globe pack a whole lot of wit, wisdom, and insight into engaging, sub-18-minute packages. The acronym “TED” stands for “Technology, Entertainment, Design,” but...

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