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Ad Age Small Agency Conference 2013 Takeaways

Inspiration To Do Big While Being Small

Jul 23

Last summer, a couple of my colleagues and I traveled to Portland, OR to attend the 2013 AdAge Small Agency Conference. Amongst the highlights of the trip was listening to Dan Wieden, a man who needs no introduction, declare, “Oh, how I wish this agency [Wieden+Kennedy] were still 10...
Nomadic Agency

A Month In

Jul 18

Pepsi, ESPN, Frito-Lay, Safeway, Subway, and…I think that’s it.  A month into working full time as a designer here at Nomadic Agency and I’ve already got to be a part of and contributed to projects for these clients. INSANE. I knew that it would be a quick start at Nomadic,...

How Information Architecture Can Fix Everything: Presentations And Pitches

Jul 16

Let me start by saying, I have an unhealthy crush on Information Architecture (a.k.a User Experience Planning) and am convinced we can use its tools to solve, if not world hunger, most of the marketing service industry’s organizational problems, including the process of building...
Nomadic Agency

Empower Consumers Through User Experience

Jul 2

Do you want to make someone who is considering your product actually purchase it? An interactive tool can help inform consumer decisions on a product, service or subject matter as well as influence a user’s perception of your brand. By creating an engaging user experience with...

Stop Wasting Time In Photoshop

Jun 25

A lot of designers spend most of their day in photoshop. Unfortunately a decent chunk of that time is spent managing layers, creating mock ups, and saving out 100s and 100s of Jpgs. Now a days with the complexity of projects we start spending less time designing and more time fiddling...

Notes From A Nomadic Newbie

Jun 18

Being the new kid on the block, whether it’s at school, work, or prison, is never easy. You gotta abide the rules, learn new personalities, and avoid dropping the soap at all costs. Unless you like dropping the soap. I joined Nomadic Agency about a month ago as a copywriter and I think...

I Build Things Sometimes

Jun 11

Most of my days are spent on the computer. Consuming digital content. Creating digital content to be consumed. Seems like life gets faster and faster and the things we see, hear, create, and share are ever-more short-lived and lost in the noise of even more things to see, hear, create,...

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