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Nomadic Agency Content Marketing Cheat Sheet

Content Marketing Cheat-Sheet: Top 10 Tips for Planning & Creation

Mar 4

“Be authentic, provide a clear call-to-action, be personal,” okay – we get it. But those tips leave a lot to be desired to brands looking for true ways to connect with their audience. Rather than telling you to “be authentic and conversational” these tips are tried-and-true...
Responsive Mobile Sites

Should Your Brand Be Responsive? A Look at Mobile Websites

Feb 18

In a day where smartphones and tablets give consumers access to any and everything 24/7, two questions continually pop up when speaking with clients. What are the different types of mobile websites and which should we use? If you look at any article written in the past 2 years, you would...

Digital Summit Phoenix :: Top Five Takeaways in Content Marketing

Feb 12

Along with many other (lucky) content people in the Phoenix area, I was able to attend the Digital Summit and listen to many influential people in my field of interest. Leading up to the conference, I was prepared to learn strategies, optimization tactics, and data efficiencies; all of...
KirstenSpeller_TedTalks_Fake It Until You Make IT

Fake It Until You Become It – Confidence in the Work Place

Feb 11

We have all heard the term “Fake it ‘til you make it.” People often use this term when starting a new job or career or even a new hobby. The idea being that even if you think you are not qualified or ready to reach your end goal, faking your confidence will produce success and...

Five Tips on How to Be a More Awesome Creative Person
– From Someone Who Is Awesome

Feb 4

Here are five little tips I put together that will help you possibly become more awesome as a creative person. If you disagree with any of these, there is a chance this will NOT make you any more awesomer than you already are.   1. Listen and Learn From Rap Music Some people here...

User Experience 2015 Resolutions – Volume 1, Issue 1: Nomenclature

Jan 28

With each New Year comes resolutions, and with each passing month those resolutions tend to fall by the wayside to make way for our daily routines. So instead of making promises to eat better or exercise more, I have resolved to start the year off by making resolutions periodically...

My Top 10 Experiences From My Advertising Career

Dec 17

Work in advertising long enough, and you’ll have a few stories to share.  Here are a handful of non-chronological highlights from my past seven years at Nomadic.   Take two of the happiest things in the world: a launch event in Disneyland and Grumpy Cat. Add cuddles.   I...

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