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The Need for Speed (and Knowledge)

Apr 16

I’m obsessed with video games. Old ones, of the racing genre, especially. The aesthetics, music, and gameplay of arcade-era racers are unlike anything present today. I used to sit and play Road Rash on Sega Genesis all afternoon as a kid, but it wasn’t until recently that I gained a...

Our 1st Ever Company Picnic!

Apr 7

This past Saturday, April 5th, we had our very first company picnic. We had lots of food, lots of fun, and the weather could not have been better. It was the first of many picnics to come I hope. Here are a few pictures from the event. If you weren’t able to come you missed out, but...

My Moleskine drawings – or – another year of conference calls.

Apr 2

I wrote a blog article about how Moleskine saved my artistic soul a while back. If you’re interested in reading the original post – CLICK HERE. To sum it up, drawing helps me concentrate during long conference calls. Instead of doodling on to-do pages of a disposable notebook,...
Morton Team MELT Promo

Why the Polar Vortex brought us joy this winter

Mar 24

Once in a while things work out perfectly in the promotion world.  Some uncontrollable event occurs that pushes your promotion into a new level of success.  The result in the case of Morton Salt’s ice melt promotion was pure ice melting magic.  Long before anyone uttered the words...
Google Plus Ads

Google Aims to Socialize Rich Media with +Post Ads

Mar 19

After nearly two decades of commercialized digital innovations, internet users have grown accustom to exiting and ignoring advertising in their browsers. Recently, many brands have switched focus and are spending ad dollars within social networks on promoted posts and native advertising....

Weaving a Story Into a Promotion

Mar 13

When it comes to promotions, the level of engagement can vary. A user can simply register and be served a Sweepstakes entry or they can be immersed in an activity, entertained and experience a story. When we, in collaboration with interactive promotions partner PrizeLogic, were given the...

Nomadic Softball Team Update: Week 2

Feb 28

A subtitle for this weeks update would be “How Nomadic Problem Solving Saved The Night.” This weeks opponent: Sitewire. The night started off well when we stationed ourselves at the wrong field believing that we were actually playing last years league champion, US Airways....

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