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Social Snapshot: The Rundown on Recent Video Changes

Sep 15

Audiences, especially Millennials, are becoming desensitized to the passive content and static images that inundate their social feeds. As a solve, we use video to provide interactive, branded content in a brief, entertaining, and appealing manner. The last 30+ days have brought...
5 Books Every Creative Should Read

The Top 5 Books Every Creative Should Read

Sep 3

Being that it’s summer, our creative team has expanded with interns.  So in honor of those who are crazy enough to want to learn the creative side of this business, I give you my list of the top 5 books every creative (aspiring or otherwise) should read. Hey Whipple, Squeeze This by...
Nomadic Agency Vortex

Exploring The Nomadic Vortex

Aug 27

It’s February 2012. Nomadic has just moved into a new office suite, and it’s sweet. Mountain views, exposed ductwork, a frozen yogurt machine, ping-pong table; very comfortable new agency digs. Amid the excitement, some of us begin noticing odd occurrences around the lobby. People...

Lipton SUNdays: Giving People Extra Time To Enjoy Their Summer

Aug 20

Lipton came to us with a unique idea: use an under-the-cap promotion to give away free minutes that can be redeemed for chores – everything from household cleaning to booking travel, even wedding and event planning. Codes will also earn you a chance to win the grand prize of home...
Divided by a Common Language

Divided By A Common Language

Aug 13

As the non-American father of two dual-nationality children, I am fascinated by how language and culture between our two nations influences not only what we say and think, but of course how we say it.  I am regularly reminded by Cameron, my adorable but precocious 5-year-old, of ‘my...

5 Highlights From The 2014 Small Agency Conference

Jul 29

This year’s Small Agency Conference, hosted by Ad Age, brought more than 200 Small Agency folks to Austin, Texas.  Among them, three of us from Nomadic Agency.  Once again, the conference educated, inspired and energized us. We laughed… Even though this one hit a little too...
Ad Age Small Agency Conference 2013 Takeaways

Inspiration To Do Big While Being Small

Jul 23

Last summer, a couple of my colleagues and I traveled to Portland, OR to attend the 2013 Ad Age Small Agency Conference. Among the highlights of the trip was listening to Dan Wieden, a man who needs no introduction, declare, “Oh, how I wish this agency [Wieden+Kennedy] were still 10...

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